Welcome to our Atelier!

In the age of  mass-produced and disposable fashion, the art of designing and hand-sewing clothes has been practically lost. We decided to revive the trade of dressmaking and give the modern women the luxury and convenience of being able to design their own garments and have them made in perfect fit and timeless style


We design and create the finest garments you can only dream of!
Anything from a bespoke suit or a cashmere coat,  to a stunning special event gown, we start from a sketch and make everything by hand in the house. Also, besides our custom creations, we offer all kinds of tailoring services: from repairs to alterations, and customized accessories.
Take a look… we’ll surprise you!


Our products are all handmade by experts, competent and reliable: trust us!

Reviving the almost extinct Custom Dress Making Trade

We are the only female run and owned tailors in Connecticut who are truly bespoke, as our 100% hand-tailored pieces are skillfully crafted for the most sophisticated women right in our Atelier in Darien CT, with our own hands.

Bespoke tailors mainly cater to men, leaving women who want to dress well often at a loss about where to get a well-cut shirt, suit, or dress.

The custom dressmaking trade is practically extinct. Even the most stylish and affluent women are prepared to wear the seemingly only choice of ready-to-wear, mass produced clothing.

They are left desperately hoping the piece will fit both the bust and the waist, or wishing it came with sleeves, or maybe in a different color/pattern.


Hundreds of satisfied customers