Visit the shop! Welcome to our Atelier! In the age of  mass-produced and disposable fashion, the art of designing and hand-sewing clothes has been practically lost. We decided to revive the trade of dressmaking and give the modern women the luxury and convenience of being able to design their own garments and have them made in perfect fit and timeless style

About Us

The founders and the passion: how everything started from a friendship.

Elena Niejelow and Svetlana Sokolova opened SOKAYRI Atelier and Boutique  in February of 2018 in the beautiful town of Darien to welcome their already existent private clients who came from far ranging places such as:  Long Island, Manhattan, Greenwich, Westport, Hartford and Vermont.

They would now offer the women in Connecticut an opportunity to experience the long-lost art of custom dressmaking while bringing it to a whole new level.  

Sokayri follows the ideals of old school tailoring, where quality is the main goal of the process, yet still applying modern techniques and keeping up with the pulse of fast-paced fashion trends. 

Svetlana is a third-generation tailor from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, she grew up among fabrics, patterns and elegant gowns, and now has dedicated her life to threads, needles and fine creations for ladies with the most  refined taste. When she moved to the United States, she immediately started receiving orders from her friends, and friends of theirs in turn.  

One of these was Elena Niejelow.  

Svetlana and Elena met a birthday party, which both of their then 3-year old daughters attended.  

The two quickly became friends, and eventually business partners. 

They both share a passion for fashion, beautiful fabrics, and what can be created with their own hands in order for the woman who wears their creation to feel comfortable, beautiful and confident. 

Being better artists than business ladies, they care more for quality than cutting corners for profit. 

In fact, the process of making of a new bespoke garment is always magical and personal: you are creating something unique that reflects the personality of that particular individual for whom it is being made. 

Elena and Svetlana work on a flexible schedule and always welcome an open conversation with you to ensure the product they create is to your fullest satisfaction. 

Elena & Svetlana

Reviving the almost extinct Custom Dress Making Trade 

We are the only female run and owned tailors in Connecticut who are truly bespoke, as our 100% hand-tailored pieces are skillfully crafted for the most sophisticated women right in our Atelier in Darien CT, with our own hands.

Bespoke tailors mainly cater to men, leaving women who want to dress well often at a loss about where to get a well-cut shirt, suit, or dress.

The custom dressmaking trade is practically extinct. Even the most stylish and affluent women are prepared to wear the seemingly only choice of ready-to-wear, mass produced clothing.

They are left desperately hoping the piece will fit both the bust and the waist, or wishing it came with sleeves, or maybe in a different color/pattern.  

Our Advantages

We are bringing the luxury of custom dressmaking back to women in Connecticut.

The finest fabrics

We sew our (master)pieces with the finest fabrics from the most prestigious Italian, Scottish and French mills applying our excellent craftsmanship and the elevated sophistication of European design.  

The designer: you

We are the hands and the expertise, you are your own designer and can choose your own style:  chick casual, business attire, outwear, leather garments, black tie gowns.

For you, by you

Pieces are created directly from a sketch, in a process where you play the leading role in co-creating your designs and deciding on all the finishing details.  


We also make handmade accessories and jewelry to complete your one-of-a-kind outfits.

Dress Making Process Explained 

When it comes to the design of your new garment,

the selection is practically limitless. 

First a sketch is made, then a custom pattern.

This will be followed by the first fitting of the mock model in muslin to see how

the design looks on you and to make any adjustments to the pattern.

Only then will we cut your precious fabric to create a perfectly fitting garment,

every detail of which will be customized to your taste.  

We offer a vast selection of the world’s finest luxury fabrics and will source

any particular color or pattern you desire for your particular style. 

The process of hand-crafting bespoke clothing requires several

meticulous fittings to ensure a flawless fit. 

During these visits, we will get to know you better, learn about your clothing preferences,

and discuss your preparations to the big event you are getting ready for.  

Just like that, you will find our customer-tailor relationship growing into friendship. 

The best part of our job is not the breathtaking garments we create for you,

but the joy we see light up your eyes when you first look at yourself in the completed garment,

while watching the way you admire how they fit and flatter you

Equally treasured are the stories you share with us of the weddings, bat mitzvah,

ball dances, and receptions during which you shone and received so many

complements in the garments made for you and only at SOKAYRI. 

Whether one special garment or an entire wardrobe,

together we will create something of the finest quality,

absolutely one-of-a-kind, and in your signature style. 

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