Bespoke Design for Women


You are sophisticated and always dreamed of having your very own unique dress?

You have been shopping and not finding anything up to your expectations?

Look no further!

Here at SOKAYRI Atelier we will sketch, design and hand make a true Custom Couture Masterpiece, for you and only.

You can be your own designer who needs her dream implemented, or an absolute novice who just want to look fabulous and exclusive on her Big Day. (video of Cynthia sketching her own design)

By choosing to custom create a one-off outfit, you have the benefit of seeing your dress vision come to life on paper and selecting the type of fabrics and embellishments used to create the dress.

Once you are happy with the design, and have chosen fabrics and trims, the production process will begin.

We will first make a pattern using your measurements, then cut the muslin and do a mock fitting to ensure the original design looks and fits well, and only then will we cut your precious fabric.

bespoke design for women

You will need to return for a few more fittings, as each fabric drapes and stretches differently and the fit may vary from the test model in muslin.

The final touches will be made when the dress or gown is almost finished.

Here we will employ our finest skills – the hand embroidery, using glass seed beads, fresh water pearls and other semi-precious stones, as well as feathers if you have chosen to apply any of the embellishments.

This process defines the TRUE COUTURE – the uniqueness of the design and hand work.

As a result, you will be a proud owner of a dress which is the one and only in the entire world, as unique as you are and will enjoy a ton of complements wearing a dress which both fits perfectly and looks amazing.

We only do a handful of custom couture dresses in a year, due to the demanding and time-consuming nature of each custom design


Bespoke clothing is the height of fashion, exceeding simple mass-produced products and even made to measure ones.

 Instead of just a few measurements being taken and then plugged into a machine, our expert tailors will take detailed measurements and personalize each step. 

Fabric material, patterns, and style are all entirely up to the customer, giving the most choices possible in the industry. 

Representing the height of fashion, with our bespoke tailoring it is guaranteed that you are the only one who will wear that garment created  just for you.

Bespoke clothing is custom clothing created specifically for you, from the drafting of the pattern to fitting it to your measurements. 

The process of creating bespoke women’s clothing is an art form in of itself, requiring superior attention to detail and specialization to achieve the perfect fit and style. The completed garment will fit you exactly as you wish it to, after multiple fittings to ensure this outcome