Custom Accessories

At Boutique, you can find many beautiful accessories ready to take home, handcrafted by our designers, ranging from a pair of earrings to handbags and more.

Instead, when you need something matching your unique outfit: in a specific color or design – we can create it, a one-off masterpiece, for you and only!

With us, the possibilities of bespoke accessories are vast and are fully customizable to your specific predilections.

Our artists can make:

  • a clutch from silk, leather, or feathers,
  • a shawl to throw over your shoulders to warm you up when it gets chilly later at the end of the party,
  • a modesty lace or tulle top to go over a sleeveless bridal gown, –
  • a bead-embroidered brooch to go on the lapel of your jacket
  • or a silk flower to adorn your gown, just to name a few.

Whatever a needle, a thread and some masterful skill can do – we can make for you.