Fashion made for you

Photography by Megan Mills
Originally published in Greenwich Lifestyle

SOKAYRI Atelier and Boutique opened February 2018, in the heart of Darien by Elena Niejelow and Svetlana Sokolova. They welcomed their already existent private clients who were coming from as far and wide as Long Island, Manhattan, Greenwich, Westport, Hartford and Vermont and to offer to women in Connecticut a long lost art of custom dressmaking, bringing it to a totally new level. SOKAYRI follows the good old school of tailoring, where the quality is the main goal of the process, but they use the modern technics, constantly learning, improving, and keeping their fingers on the pulse of the fast pacing fashion trends. They started as a two-women show, where Elena was on the business, and Svetlana on the design side. They both share passion for fashion, beautiful fabrics and what can be created with them in a manner that the woman who wears that creation feels comfortable, beautiful and confident. Only skillfully hand crafted and stitched with love can be as fine as Svetlana’s stitching. Now, 3 years later, they have a team of 5 seamstresses, who passed a rigorous selection and quality of workmanship tests to comply with demanding Svetlana’s expectations. Being better artists than business ladies, they care more for quality rather than for optimization and cutting corners for profit. The process of creating of a new garment is always magical, it is personal, where you are creating something unique, which reflects the personality of that particular individual it is intended for.

Svetlana designs and creates a wide range of women’s clothes from suits and separates, to leather garments and coats; from casual dresses to exquisite evening gowns and tuxedos, custom accessories and so much more. When it comes to the design of your new garment, the process is personal. From a conversation Svetlana will create a sketch to put your vision to paper, then the custom pattern. The process of hand-making bespoke clothing requires several meticulous fittings to insure a flawless fit, during which Svetlana and Elena will get to know you better, learn about your dressing preferences, discuss your preparations to the big event you are getting ready for.

Elena says that one of the best pieces to invest in is a quality jacket or coat made from cashmere or wool. The right fit and design combined with the best fabrics will create a coat you can wear for years. SOKAYRI offers a vast selection of the world’s finest luxury fabrics from the best European mills: Loro Piana, Holland and Sherry, Gladson, to name just a few, and will source for any particular color or print you desire for the design and style of your choice. For some there is a beloved coat that has worn away and needs to be recreated. For others there is a coat they fall in love with the look, but it just doesn’t fit correctly. Elena and Svetlana work with their clients to create pieces they will feel amazing in and love for years to come.

SOKAYRI is also the answer to the age old problem of finding a top in the perfect shade to match your favorite skirt or pants. They a variety of ready to wear items that can be made in the fabric and color of your choosing. Besides custom dressmaking, SOKAYRI offers a full range of alterations, restyling, repurposing, and recuts. Your pass-me-down wedding gowns, adjustments of your favorite pieces after weight loss, hemming and taking in (or out) of your new elsewhere purchased garments, adding sleeves to a dress or cutting a fur coat into a trendy vest, the sky is the limit.