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Mask Buddy Lanyard®


Our Mask Holder is the Best Buddy for you and your Mask!

Advantages of this indispensable accessory:

  • Your face mask is always in reach
  • Never lose your mask again
  • No more wrinkled masks from being shoved in bags & pockets
  • Wear your mask like a fashionable accessory when you’re at a safe distance from others
  • Quick magnetic safety release (important for active users – prevents the risk of injury by the strap)
  • Clips onto most over ear loop masks
  • WARNING – choking hazard. Keep out reach of children under the age of three

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Secure Face Mask Holder with Safety Release is available 16 colors to mix and match with any outfit!

This lanyard is the best selling accessory in these days – you won’t go wrong with it if you need a small gift, it’s indispensable and lifesaving (both figuratively and literally)!

It’s a must-have novelty accessory for everyone, big and small, unisex and most importantly it is safe because of a built-in break-away magnet clasp, which will prevent danger of suffocation.

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White, Black, Grey, Periwinkle, Purple, Sky-blue, Royal-blue, Fuchsia, Lilak, Bubble-gum pink, Red, Yellow, Moss Green, Beige, Cappucino, Brown