Christening Gowns & Children’s Clothing

Trust us to remove stains by hand and protect your christening gown or communion dress throughout our MuseumCareTMZeroCarbonTM cleaning process according to the highest standards.
We carefully layer your gown with acid-free tissue as we fold it into a completely acid-free wedding chest.  
Written international guarantee that your christening gown will not yellow or have caramelized sugar stains. 
Pressing at no charge by any member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists which is represented in more than 500 cities around the world.

Christening Gown Restoration

No matter whether your family gown is a nineteenth-century treasure or the one you wore yourself, we can safely remove yellow stains and discoloration so that it is fresh and bright for your event.


Exposure to air and light causes oxidation, and when fabric oxidizes, it turns yellow.
Different types of fibers oxidize at different rates of speed.
For example, cotton discolors more quickly than other fibers, but over a long period of time the different fibers may all oxidize to the same hue.
As a result, a vintage christening gown that appears yellow or even brown throughout may, when restored, turn out to be a pale yellow or pink silk christening gown trimmed with white cotton lace.
Still other factors that yellow gowns are excessive heat in the attic where the vintage wedding gown was stored and fumes from the plastic bag or container in which the christening gown was stored.
Dry cleaning does not remove oxidation, but our restoration process does, and we can return a vintage christening gown to the true color.
Oxidation is often not as evident in colored fabric, but it, too, oxidizes, and colors may also be restored.

Caramelized Sugar Stains

Vintage baby gowns often have yellow or dark brown stains that are usually stains from milk or baby formula that dried clear and were not visible when you put the gown away for the next use.  
Or you had the christening gown cleaned, but the cleaner did not realize sugar content does not dissolve in dry cleaning solvent.  
Over time the sugar content turns yellow and eventually dark brown.  
Much like oxidation, dry cleaning does not remove caramelized sugar stains, but our restoration process does.