Veil Restoration

Restoration and Preservation of Vintage Bridal Veils are our specialties!

If you would like to honor a family member by including a treasured wedding accessory in your wedding, let us remove the unsightly brown stains and yellowing from your heirloom veil, ring pillow, wedding pouch, handkerchief, or any other accessory.

Although not every vintage bridal veil, ring pillow, wedding pouch, or handkerchief can be restored safely, we can usually predict whether the project will be successful, and there is never a charge for evaluation.

When restored, vintage Brussels lace wedding veils and vintage wedding veils trimmed with Chantilly, Alençon, and other types of lace are lovely with today’s bridal gowns.
Most eighteenth- and nineteenth- century vintage lace, whether it originated in Europe or the United States, is made from sturdy cotton that can be safely returned to the true color.
Rosepoint (also called Point de Gaze) and Duchesse laces, for example, nearly always restore beautifully.
So does Princesse lace. The lace called Blonde, even when it is black, has a silk component, but it, too, restores well.
All can be mended, re-styled or even embellished with pearls.
Newer veils from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s usually have borders of Alençon lace made from cotton, and they, too, can be restored, mended, and restyled for today’s brides.

Silk Illusion

Some vintage lace is appliquéd onto silk illusion, a net made from silk which is often too fragile for restoration.
However, the lace can be restored and then, using the silk illusion as a pattern for a new veil made from nylon or polyester, sewn onto the new veil.

Vintage Bridal Tiaras

Given the structure of vintage bridal tiaras, restoring vintage wedding headpieces is more difficult than restoring lace, but not all brides choose to wear the original bridal tiara.
You may prefer to remove the tiara from your vintage wedding veil.
Then the vintage wedding veil can be restored and attached to a comb.
Or you may ask us to remove the lace from the tiara, restore it, and create a new ornament from the restored lace.
Even if the bride prefers the modern look, she often wants to incorporate at least a small detail from her grandmother’s, or mother’s veil – a small lace flower on the inside of her gown, or elsewhere, prominent, or hidden, just to have the presence of the loved person with her on her Big Day.