Whenever your garments need any improvement… our tailors are super sharp at giving you a perfect fit!

From your pass-me-down wedding gowns, to adjusting one of your favorite pieces after weight loss, hemming and taking in (or out) your new elsewhere purchased garments, adding sleeves to a dress, or cutting a fur coat into a trendy vest, the sky is the limit.

Whenever you don’t know who to entrust your precious cashmere coat or a fine silk dress to adjust – you should bring it to SOKAYRI; those same hands who create fine garments know exactly how to fix them.

We do use sewing machines, but hand stitching is used for the major part of the bespoke process


All previously worn items must be laundered or dry cleaned prior to being submitted for alteration or repair, including items covered with pet hair or odors such as cigarette smoke.

This policy is to protect other customer’s merchandise, our staff and equipment.

All rush alterations to be completed in 7 days or less are subject to a 40% surcharge.


Whenever your garments need any improvement…Or repair, Sokayri is always here for you

We can doctor garments made of all kind of fabrics – from denim to the most delicate silks, leather etc. 

The solution can be basic:

  • Replace a button, snap or hook
  • Change a zipper or elastic
  • Fix an undone hem
  • Close a ripped seam
  • Mend or patch a hole

or more complex, requiring some magic or creativity:

  • mending holes with an appliqué or embroidery
  • recut the garment
  • add decorative elements
  • change a lining just to name a few.
  • Baby it’s cold outside!

You are reaching into your closet to put on your favorite cashmere sweater just to discover it has a nasty moth hole!

No worries, no need to throw it out – bring it to us, we will fix the hole so no one will ever notice there ever was one!

Please remember, we only accept freshly cleaned items for any alteration.


Repurposing’ is close to the heart of many creative people. This means taking an item and giving it a new or different purpose.

With clothes this means that instead of throwing an item away because it is worn, out of fashion or simply out of favor, they are turned into something desirable and useful.
Additional Information

Anything can be repurposed. Even very worn or stained garments can be recycled, simply cut away the pieces that cannot be used and keep the usable fabric. Surprisingly small items of fabric can be repurposed.

Patches or small items of jewelry can be fashioned from off-cuts of fabric. Different types of garments can be used in different ways: